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An old hand drawn picture of the Loewen's electronic store before it became Temporary VIP Housing.


Serving Ridgecrest Since

A family business that started inside a high-end electronics store. 


Mr. and Mrs. Loewen snipping the ribbon for the Loewen's electronic store in 1972.

Before Temporary
VIP Housing

Before Temporary VIP Housing came to fruition, Roger and Dianne Loewen owned and operated Loewen's, a high-end electronics store that opened in 1972.

- Pictured left is Roger and Dianne Loewen at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Loewen's building.


The Early Days

In 1992, Roger and Dianne Loewen noticed that there was a need in the area for short and long-term housing. As a result, the Loewen's decided to take their twenty apartments at the Villa Capri apartment complex and convert them into fully furnished rentals. This was the birth of Temporary VIP Housing.

- Pictured right is Roger, Dianne, Mark, and Ryan Loewen with the original Temporary VIP Housing logo.

Mr. and Mrs. Loewen with their two sons
The original Temporary VIP Housing logo.


An old ad for Temporary VIP Housing showcasing a furnished living room.

Continued Growth

In 2008, Temporary VIP Housing continued to add properties to our companies housing options. The business logo was also freshened up by Roger's son, Ryan, to provide an updated look for the business.


The Present

Temporary VIP Housing continues to provide high quality short and long-term housing. We have expanded our business to include around 80 properties, and our logo went through a redesign in the summer of 2019. 

The new Temporary VIP Housing logo on a black background.

Our Corporate Customers

Since 1992, Temporary VIP Housing has provided short and long-term housing for many well known companies. Here are some of the businesses that have chosen Temporary VIP Housing over the years.

  • Brandes Associates

  • Gideon USA

  • Boeing

  • Bureau of Land Management

  • Adamo Security

  • Baldi Brothers

  • State Farm

  • Brahma

  • Bergelectric Corporation

  • Unmanned Systems

  • Department of Defense

  • General Atomics

  • Jackson Therapy Partners

  • Jacobs Technology

  • Largo Concrete

  • Bowman Asphalt

  • Team Housing - ECC

  • Benton Salmon

  • Colombo

  • Reid & Associates

  • L-3 Communications

  • Merlin Ramco, LLC

  • Northrop Grumman Systems

  • Oakwood Corporate Housing

  • Onestaff Medical

  • Raytheon

  • Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

  • Sa-Tech

  • Searless Valley Mineral

  • Travelers Haven

  • Tybrin Corporation

  • Wyle Laboratories

  • Krushensky

  • Casey General

  • Ledcor

  • AC Electric

  • Four Tribes

  • Wachter Inc.

  • Commercial Paving

  • MSH Construction

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