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Move Out Checklist

Our goal is to ensure that your apartment is clean and sanitary before your arrival, and we want to offer this same assurance to the next tenant. This cleaning list has been provided to assist you with those items that we will be inspecting upon you vacating the unit.


  1. Clean the stove and oven inside and out, including the burners, drips pans, broiler pans, racks, knobs, and the stoves hood.

  2. Clean the refrigerator/freezer inside and out, including the trays, drawers, and the disposal of all food.

  3. Dispose all food containers left in the kitchen cabinets.

  4. The sink should be cleaned, and all dishes should be cleaned then returned to the kitchen cabinets/drawers.

  5. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave.

  6. Clean any additional large or small appliances installed in the unit.

  7. Empty all trash cans and replace liners.

  8. Sweep and mop all tile/linoleum flooring.


  1. Clean bathroom sinks, vanities, tubs, shower walls, and ensure that all surfaces are free of soap residue.

  2. Toilets should be cleaned and free of any build-up or rings.

  3. Clean all medicine cabinets and mirrors.

  4. Empty and clean all cabinets.

  5. Sweep and mop all tile/linoleum flooring.


  1. Dust and vacuum all rooms. Tenants who have stayed a year or longer are to have all the carpets professionally cleaned, and must provide the main office with a receipt.

  2. Dust and remove all personal items from the coffee tables, end tables, television stand, and desk.

  3. Vacuum all fabric sofas, love seats, and arm chairs.


  1. Empty and dust all dressers and night stands.

  2. Wipe down all clothing racks in the closets.


  1. Wash and dry all linens and leave them folded on the bed.

  2. Clean and remove any marks left on the walls (DO NOT PAINT).

  3. Clean out the dryers lint trap, and wipe down the washer and dryer (If applicable).

  4. Clean and remove all old charcoal from the outdoor barbecue (If applicable).


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