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Notice to Vacate

Residents on a month-to-month rental agreement are required to complete a 30-day written notice prior to vacating. Failure of Resident(s) to provide a 30-day written notice shall extend the term of the Rental Agreement for 30 days from the date such notice is received by Temporary VIP Housing. We understand that your length of stay with Temporary VIP Housing must remain flexible to meet your needs, but we are required by the apartment communities to give a 30-day notice to vacate the apartment and therefore must require one from you, the Resident(s). To complete this process, please submit the form below. You can also submit a vacate notice electronically by emailing us at If you choose to email us, make sure you include the current date, the name of all tenants vacating, the address of the apartment(s) being vacated, the company you are with (if any), and a forwarding address. If you are unable to email us, you can always drop off a hand written notice at our main office.

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