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Pool Rules and Guidelines


Please note the posted hours outside the pool for weekly use.


The pool facilities are to be used by the apartment residents and their guests only.


Keys are to be used by the adult who signed the lease (no children will be permitted without an adult).

  1. Pool keys will be issued through the main office. If this key is lost, a replacement key will cost $15.00. If you do not replace it before your departure, $15.00 will be deducted from your security deposit.

  2. Keys are not to be loaned, duplicated, sold, or rented.

  3. You are required to have your pool key each time you enter and exit the pool area. Residents should not open the pool gate for other residents who do not have their key.


Children under the age of 16 shall not use the pool without the supervision of an adult. Unsupervised children may result in an entire unit’s pool privileges being pulled for the rest of the swim season.


Only unbreakable plastic drink containers, or soda cans. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND FOOD ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA.


  1. No running, splashing, pushing, diving, and or other activities/behaviors that may be disruptive towards the other residents. After 2 warnings, an entire unit’s pool privileges may be pulled for the rest of the swim season.

  2. Beach balls, inner tubes, and float rings made of soft plastic or rubber are allowed in the pool, as long as the pool is not crowded. THE LIFE PRESERVER IS NOT A TOY.

  3. The maximum occupation will be posted outside the pool. Staff may restrict guests in the event the use exceeds the limits. Each unit is asked to limit their pool use to 2 guests at a time to avoid overcrowding.

  4. The pool area is not to be used for parties.

  5. Make sure you are completely dry when exiting pool area to avoid unnecessary slipping.

  6. Return all pool umbrellas (if Applicable) to their down position after use to avoid strong wind gusts that can pull the umbrella/table around the pool area.

  7. Please ensure that the pool gate is properly closed each time you enter and exit the pool area.


Swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool. Suntan lotion or oil must be completely washed off before entering the pool. Suntan oils clog pool-filtering systems and can result in a pool being closed for several weeks or longer to resolve the issue.


Residents and guests must be properly attired at all times. Only bathing suits are to be worn in the pool. Shirts, cut-offs, and other unauthorized attire can damage the pool pump and filtration system. Babies are required to wear special swim diapers, if not, you will be asked to leave the pool area.


To ensure the safety of all guests staying within the community, NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA.


The use of the pool is at a resident’s own risk. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. In case of an emergency, dial 911.


Some pool areas may require residents to sign in and out each person that uses the pool area. Residents may also be required to provide proper photo identification when using the pool area.


No electric plug in type radios, tape or CD players, or other musical instruments may be used in the pool area. Battery operated; portable units with headphones are acceptable.


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